About Us

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Our Mission

Wisconsin’s InterFaith Volunteer Programs have been supported through a State Network since the early expansion of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Faith in Action Program.  When RWJF closed the National Faith in Action Program Offices, as planned in 2006, WIFIAN stepped in to fill the need for even stronger support and educational opportunities for our local Interfaith programs.

WIFIAN is a growing community of interfaith volunteer caregivers with diverse missions and one unified goal – to provide compassionate and caring assistance to the frail elderly, chronically ill and disabled adults on a non-profit basis.

Wisconsin Interfaith in Action Network  represents more than 20 programs (one call to Interfaith Older Adult Programs in Milwaukee will connect you to eleven neighborhood sites!).

Many of these groups do not use the Faith in Action name, however all programs work to help senior neighbors to remain independent in their homes for as long as safely possible.

We have found that both seniors and their communities benefit when the elderly can remain in their homes and continue to be an important part of the fabric of the community.  Our mission is to support the local programs that serve elderly and disabled residents of Wisconsin.

Building Blocks

While each of our Programs is unique, each Member adheres to the original building blocks laid out by the RWJF.

This means that each of our programs is based on the following:


Our Programs accept and embrace Volunteers and Care Recipients from any background.

Volunteer Based:

Volunteers provide direct services at no cost to clients.


Services are neighborly type services; non-professional and non-medical
in nature.  Basically anything a neighbor can do for a neighbor.

Long Term Health Needs:

Our Programs serve populations dealing with long term health

Home Based:

Clients are served in their home environment.

All services are provided by caring volunteers at no cost to the client.